It's Back to Homework...

This time of year is like January when we all promise to plan ahead, stay organized and swear we

won’t get lost in all the paper. There is no one size fits all solution for our kids when it comes to homework but I’m hopeful I’ll find the solution that works for us. There is no perfect homework station and there is no secret ingredient that will make every evening smooth and full of smiles and laughter. It’s homework and most kids would prefer to be outside or playing their favorite video game.

Maybe it’s the year a homework caddy would work well in our house. My daughter loves school supplies so this might be a great solution for me and my son just likes things to be easy.

Maybe you have the space to create a cool homework station that will help everyone stay organized. A place where everyone can keep school deadlines, important forms and their supplies. This space would ideally be set up in an area that’s least likely to have your kid distracted. For mine that would be away from the computer or tv. Get your child to help create this space and they may get more excited.

What about using a kitchen timer during homework time and creating 20 minute clocks with a 5 minute break for a snack or a dance off. I’m wondering if this might work well for my son who loves homework. Ha ha. What he really loves is to run and run and run.

And last but not least don’t try to be perfect. Then again what’s perfect? Perfect in my house is what works for us. I hope you find a good homework helper that makes the evening a little easier. Check out my pinterest board for these ideas and more. Click here and enjoy!