What do YOU value in a real estate agent?

Every day we make choices. Choices about what food we eat, what clothes we wear, what gyms we join, what doctors we go to, which schools we send our children to, but do we ever stop to think about what motivates these choices?

A big financial decision that many of us make at some point in our lives is the decision to buy a home. Many factors may influence this decision, but what influences your decision in selecting a real estate agent?

What are YOU looking for in a real estate agent?

It is probably safe to say, everyone wants the best possible home for the best possible price. So if you want the best home for the best price, what values are you looking for in a real estate agent to help you achieve this goal?

You are looking for...

An agent who has a strong command of the market.

An agent who is is an expert in the field.

An agent who is a skilled negotiator.

An agent who understands your wants and needs.

An agent who is honest and trustworthy and who has your best interests.

An agent who is accessible, available, and knowledgeable.

An agent who is a problem-solver.

An agent who is advocating for your success and helping you to reach your end goal.

Next time you are in the market to list or buy, stop and think about the things that are most important to you when choosing your real estate agent. Whether selling or buying, it is a big move, and you want to make sure you have the right people by your side, who are helping you to achieve your goals.