The benefits of staging your home!

“Sometimes we need to distance ourselves to see things clearly.”

Staging your home is somewhat like this. When you first buy your home, you fill it with pieces you cherish and love and tend to put your own personal touch on things. Many of these items and keepsakes are what make a house your home; however, when you get ready to sell, a good piece of advice is to separate yourself from some of these personal items in order to declutter and depersonalize so that a potential buyer can see your home more clearly and start to envision your home as their own. Here is where staging your home comes into play!

The sole purpose of staging your home is to bring out the best in your home. To highlight your home’s strengths and minimize any downsides. Your home may be exactly how you like it. Your taste, your design, your personal touch, but part of the selling process is detaching from your home and allowing a potential buyer to find that personal connection to your home.

One of the first steps in staging is decluttering. Clutter can be a distraction. Remember the goal of staging is to highlight your home’s strengths and minimize any weaknesses. Donate items you no longer need and put any items you do not use on a daily basis into storage.

Another step in the staging process is depersonalizing. Try not to take this personally! When a professional asks you to remove family photos or personal artwork, they are only looking out for your best interest and trying to maximize the pool of potential buyers that can envision themselves living in your home.

A third step in the staging process is furniture placement. A professional may opt to use your furniture or bring in new furniture depending on the space. Sometimes it is as simple as rearranging your furniture and other times it is best to bring in other pieces that may make your house appear larger. Rearranging just may transform your room.

Lastly, don’t forget about color and lighting. These are easy changes to making your house stand out in photos and in person. Fresh paint and light fixtures can make your home feel more warm and inviting.

In the end, staging your home could help your home sell faster, make your home stand out in person and online, and allow potential buyers to view your home as their own.