Love Your Home

“A house is made of bricks and beams; a home is made of love and dreams!” Our home is an extension of who we are. Our home defines us just as much as we define it. This February, we challenge you to fall back in love with your home. Every home has its shortcomings, but with simple changes any space can be transformed. You will be sure to find a renewed sense of love and appreciation for your home. Remember, it’s the little things that make a house your home!

This season, put your own mark on your home. Spruce it up with some TLC and you’ll find that your individual style and personal touches will be sure to create a unique space that is completely you. Prepare to feel refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Here are seven simple ways to fall in love with your home:

  1. Paint. Change up any space with a new paint color. Repaint rooms, your front door or shutters.

  2. Freshen up. Make your home feel fresh and clean. Bring the outdoors in and place fresh flowers or seashells in a bowl. Awaken the senses and place candles throughout your home.

  3. Cozy up. Place throw blankets and add a splash of color to your room by placing decorative pillows with different fabrics and texture. Replace rugs or add a new front door mat. Switch up your bedding.

  4. Personalize. Hang personal photos throughout your home in different size frames. Display family artwork or family heirlooms throughout.

  5. Light. Brighten up your space. Switch up light fixtures. Replace outdated light fixtures with modern ones. Remove drapes or curtains and open up windows.

  6. Declutter. Customize your storage. Less is more!

  7. Enhance your outdoors. Hang lanterns, make a garden area, plant flowers. Put in a fire pit or hammock, and be sure to leave room for a cozy outdoor dining area.

And if you don’t love your home – call us! We will be sure to help you find that special place to call home!