Spring Clean Your Workplace

It's time to clean up that cluttered workspace and increase productivity! The saying goes, "A clean place, makes a happy space."

This Spring, don't let clutter be a distraction in your workplace. Here are 6 simple tricks to make your workspace more efficient, tidy, and organized.

1. Keep it simple. Keep only what you need on a daily basis on your desk.

2. File it. Create a system for filing your paperwork. If you haven't switched to storing everything on the cloud and you still keep hardcopy files, be sure to keep the paperwork from piling up on your desktop.

3. Store it. If you don't need items in your immediate workspace store them in another space so that you don't take up precious workspace.

4. Organize it. Use dividers, color coding - create an organizational system that works for you!

5. Get ride of it. Try not to accumulate too much stuff. At the end of each week try to go through paperwork, files, lists, manuals, reports, books, etc. that you no longer need and toss them.

6. Keep it clean. Wipe down your electronics and desktop weekly. We use them everyday so this is a good practice to implement.

Enjoy your fresh new start to the spring season!