Tips to Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is in full swing and that means the warm weather is too. So how can you keep your house cool while also keeping the energy bill down?

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Keep blinds or window treatments closed.

  • Turn off all lights and try to use your TVs and computers modestly.

  • Try to reduce the amount of times you open and close exterior doors.

  • During the evening, open up windows.

  • Use ceiling fans and floor fans.

  • Rotate your ceiling fan counter-clockwise.

  • Grill out and try to use your oven as little as possible.

  • Add shade to your yard and home with trees and plants.

  • Replace air filters as dust build up can reduce air flow.

  • Close of ductwork to rooms that you don’t use on a daily basis.

  • Add a sprinkler or get a mister for your yard.