Tips for Keeping Up the Yard

Who doesn’t like to come home to a well-manicured yard, but who has the time to maintain it? Here are a few simple tips for keeping up with the yard this summer to keep it looking fresh and crisp.

Weeding. Get rid of those pesky weeds. It is easy to let your yard get overgrown with weeds, but be sure to devote some time to maintain the weeds before they overtake your yard. Be sure to pull each weed from the root as to eliminate them completely and wear gloves and long sleeves as you want to avoid getting poison ivy. If the weeds have really overtaken your yard, think about applying a treatment to areas where the weeds grow heavily.

Cutting your grass. Don’t let the grass grow too tall, but be sure to keep your mower blades sharp to adjust the cutting height for the time of year.

Trimming. Once you have mowed your lawn, be sure to clean up around the edges to keep everything looking well-manicured.

Edging. Be sure to cut out any unwanted sod to keep the grass lines clean around the bedlines.

Mulching. A very simple, but effective way of making your yard pop with freshness.

Watering. Remember to water your grass and plants to provide adequate moisture during these hot months.