Selling your home? Are you a first-time home seller?

Selling your home can be more time-consuming than expected and emotionally challenging.

My goal is to make this process smooth and less stressful. Let's work together to achieve your goals.

Below are a few things to consider as soon as you decide it's time to move.

Meet with me. It’s never too early to meet with your Realtor. It works well when we create a plan together. Complimentary consultations are well worth your time! We'll create the timeline and "to do" list together over the next few days, weeks or months.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

Should you consider renting a storage unit or pod? Are you ready to part with the items you haven’t used in years? Let's create a plan to make your property shine.

Detach yourself from the process.

If you have decided to sell your home this is the best and hardest position. If you are going to sell your home you need to think about what's best not the decor and memories you have built in the home.

Create your Repair and Renovation List

Walk through the home as if you were the buyer and make a list of the things you would update or repair. I am not suggesting you do this entire list but it’s a good place to start. This is also something we can do together – it can be very overwhelming but well worth it.

And last but not least keep an open mind throughout the process.