How to Host a Successful Crab Feast

With summer on the near horizon, we’re ready to host all the outdoor gatherings, and nothing screams Maryland summer more than hosting a crab feast at home!

Lucky for you, the Hello Home team is made of Maryland natives so we’re sharing the ultimate checklist to having a successful crab feast so you can smash your way into summer.

Crab Feast Necessities

  • Paper towels - multiple rolls. Crabs are messy and you’re going to need these for hand cleanup.

  • Water bowl - See above. It’s for quick cleaning!

  • Lemons - Hate that seafood smell on your hands? Rub them with lemon juice to help get rid of the lingering crabby smell.

  • Mallets - Pros know you can’t eat crabs without this tool. Have multiple on hand!

  • Old Bay - EVERYTHING is better with Old Bay - it’s a Maryland Tradition!

  • Paper - whether you use old newspapers, or a roll of brown paper, you’re going to need this to cover your table. When all the crabs are picked and bellies are stuffed, just fold up your messy papers and toss. Clean-up is a cinch!

  • Buckets - Use these to collect shells and claws as you pick your crabs clean!

  • Cold Beverages - We hear beer brings out the natural sweetness of the crab. A good pilsner is a great summertime beverage!

  • Tunes - Don’t forget your favorite summertime tunes to enjoy with your good company!

How to Steam Crabs

If you’re not the type to get them pre-steamed, here’s how to steam them at home. Steaming is most recommended since it retains more flavor than say, boiling.

  1. In a pot with a raised rack (minimum of 2 inches high) add equal quantities of water and vinegar to just below the level of the rack. Bring to a boil.

  2. Carefully layer crabs on the rack; sprinkle each layer with OLD BAY. Cover and steam for 20 - 30 minutes depending on the size of crabs or until crabs turn red.


Serve with corn on the cob (which also goes great with Old Bay!), hush puppies, and of course, a refreshing light beer (if it's your thing!) or sweet tea, and voila! The perfect crab feast! Enjoy!